Stress Management and Wellbeing

Stress, we are told, is endemic in our society today; however, we don’t have to become a victim of it.


The first step to a stress free and happy life is acknowledging that you feel it.  The second step is accepting help and guidance from me that can get you there quickly.


Whether you are a teacher, pupil, businessperson or homemaker, stress can creep up on us without little warning and appears to take over your life. However, I have developed an easy and simple approach to help you eliminate/manage stress from your life.


Together we will identify your triggers and stressors and develop an effective, personalised stress management plan to help you move forward and start enjoying life.  In addition to this, I can also offer you a holistic therapy treatment to help maintain your emotional and physical wellbeing and life/work balance. If you choose, you can book more holistic treatments as and when required.


Are you aware of what you are thinking and feeling this very moment?  Or is your mind back in the past going over things you cannot change or in the future worrying about upcoming events?  If you find yourself being negatively affected by either the past or the future, then Mindfulness can help you.


Mindfulness brings you back to the ‘now’ and back into balance.  I can teach you the Mindfulness technique that will help you to become aware of the present moment, thus eliminating emotions such as worries, fears, anxiety or guilt.  Mindfulness is similar to Meditation in that you become conscious of how you are feeling and thinking in this very moment. For example, when you eat are you consciously aware of the food you are eating? Are you aware of the texture and taste?  Or is your mind elsewhere?  So much joy and contentment can be lost in the past and future; Mindfulness can help bring that joy and contentment back into this very moment.