I started off with Personal Training as a hobby, and later qualified, approximately 15 years ago now whilst studying during the summer holidays. I naturally wanted to help people with weight. This became a specialist area with a PT background.


I have always enjoyed the journey with weight clients (who have tried every other avenue and often have yo yo dieted for years) as they transform and take back control of their eating habits.


I then learnt one simple fact. There is no one size fits all.


The sessions are built up with client feedback, so it is a tailor-made programme. For example, most weight clients want to get rid of cravings and stop/reduce eating certain foods like chocolate or crisps, so I may use aversion techniques or the EMDR tool effectively. People are often astonished at how this works so quickly (without the need of hypnosis).


Tools like regression may be used to get to the root of a problem. I simply have a box of tools and use which ever one I think is most appropriate for the job. Sometimes certain tools work more quickly and effectively.


My job is to get the results in as few sessions as possible. Giving someone control back, allowing them to overcome obstacles that may have been holding them back (sometimes for years) makes hypnotherapy very rewarding.