Children’s wellbeing is the heart of education. There are growing concerns about the amount of stress placed on children from increasingly young ages. From exam stress to the general worries that build up during the school day.


‘Exam Support’ aims to help students with their anxieties and stresses around exams and formal assessments. This programme consists of 4 one-hour workshops, delivered in small groups with whom children are comfortable with or friends with. The workshops aim to tackle their particular exam stresses and equip them with tools and strategies.


 ‘General Wellbeing Workshops’, when used alongside the curriculum will support groups of students with building their self-esteem, confidence and self-efficacy as well as enhancing their wellbeing. This programme consists of 5 one-hour workshops, delivered in small groups of up to six students.


 Bespoke Service based on your school’s needs with a free initial consultation.